Miner's Reply to Suction Dredging Query is Spot On (Part 2)

("Enemy of the people" at work on the Klamath River in better days.)

The Battle Continues

Once again, the rights of small-scale placer gold miners continue to be attacked by various and sundry forces in California, Oregon, and other Western states. As most of you probably already know, these anti-mining forces have stopped suction dredging completely in the once-Golden State.

Stan M. is a long-time California miner and dredger who lives and mines along the Klamath River, one of the hot spots in this battle between small-scale miners and green "weenies," nefarious Indian tribe/Indian casino interests, and sympathetic "do-gooders" who follow like sheep and typically don't know their asses from a hole in the ground. Recently, Stan received this query: "It's the suction dredging that does the most damage, isn't it?"

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In my previous post on this topic I published the first half of Stan's response to this ill-informed question with the intent of publishing the second half of his response in this post. However, due to my advanced old age and short-term memory issues, plus the fact I have a penchant for losing stuff...I'm unable to publish the second part of Stan's reply because...well...I inadvertently deleted that file! So accept my heartfelt apologies.

They Tried Stopping Us 25 Years Ago

At any rate, this suction dredging issue has been around for quite some time in California. The Sierra Club and others were doing their damnedest to stop us from dredging in Northern California 25 years ago using a concerted campaign that included the media, "greenie" bumper stickers, and town hall style meetings to "re-educate the masses." Back then we miners pretty much had the upper hand and saw the entire "stop suction dredging" movement as a BS irritant rather than as a true threat. There may have been a few forward-looking dredgers like Dave McCracken who could see what was coming down the road, but the rest of us just went on dredging.

What changed the playing field is fairly obvious now when I look back with 20/20 hindsight:
  • California's decline into a "progressive" welfare state with a wide-open southern border supporting an ever-increasing illegal immigrant population that has done much to drain state (as well as county and municipal) resources.
  • Pandering to and passing legislation specifically favoring ultra liberal-to-left special interests who now have gained nearly complete control of the state politically and ideologically.
  • The rapid growth and spread of a new state religion known as radical environmentalism and its numerous and vociferous/activist cult members.
  • Corrupt and morally bankrupt politicos following the money trail and bowing down to Mammon (the liberal left, green "weenies," and Indian special interest $$$).
These are only a few of course...the one that has gained the greatest precedence in recent years is/are the Indian special interests that include the tribe members themselves, their casino operators, the avaricious politicians plugged into Indian casino big money deals, and every other corrupt wannabe looking to turn a dime at our expense via the new Native American money stream from slot machines.

So much for our naive view of the Indians living in harmony with nature huh? "We don't want the white man's gold..." What a bunch of damn hypocrites...

Microcosm of a Larger Cancer

You may not like what I say here, but it's the truth...no matter how much "they" try to paint it otherwise. It's all about money, power, control, and shoving their world view down your throat...and you damn well better like what you're gagging on, or else. What we see in California is just a microcosm of the larger cancer that is eating away at our nation, our society, and the fundamentally strong values that opened up the American West in the first place.

I hate seeing this bullying and manipulation...this attempt by the few to exert control over the many. We've lost much already and it may well be we'll lose everything...I hope not.

As for me, I'll go down swinging...

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