A Second Look at Canada's Yukon: Great Potential for Small-Scale Miners (Part 4)

(The Mayo Placers lie nearly dead center in the Yukon Territory.)

In my previous posts of this series I addressed the main unglaciated placer gold areas of the Yukon Territory. But before I move on to the Yukon's glaciated placers, I need to discuss oen lat un-galciated area.

Mayo Area

The un-glaciated placer gold deposits of the Mayo Area lie very close in to glaciated placers of the Reid and McConnell periods. In some instances, only a few kilometers separates the Mayo's un-glaciated gold deposits from glaciated placers. This can add up to some very rich gold ground.

Nearly all of the tributaries associated with Mayo Lake carry good gold values, especially the Dublin Gulch, and Haggart and Duncan Creeks. However,  the majority of the gold deposits in the Mayo Area can be found at the apex of alluvial fans or "deltas."

Glaciated Placer Deposits