Other Types of Placer Gold Deposits That May Prove Productive (Part 2)

(These remote bench gravels are miles away from existing gold-bearing dry washes.)

Here are more placer gold deposits that are a bit out of the "norm" and that I consider potentially productive:

3) Isolated or remote high bench gravels. Most of you have had experience with bench gravels that are fairly "close in" to existing washes or stream courses. Usually these sorts of benches lay within a few feet or at the greatest distance,100 yards or less. The bench gravels I am talking about, however, may be many hundreds of yards or even miles away from existing placer workings.

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In wet placer areas these "high" benches often exist in steep, overgrown terrain that less experienced miners would not even think to prospect. In dry placer districts these sorts of benches may exist higher up desert mountainsides along drainage channels where they have been rendered nearly invisible by "desert varnish" or shallow layers of sterile overburden. In either case, however, isolated bench gravels like these can contain exceptional gold values for the prospector or placer miner willing to do the necessary research and go that extra mile.

4) Buried desert placers. Many desert placer gold areas or districts contain these sorts of deposits but few small-scale miners or nugget shooters realize it. These deposits were born of very ancient gold-bearing stream courses that were shifted or moved by large-scale geologic forces over time and then covered with mantles of lava or overburden of varying types.

There are times when these buried placers are extremely deep and beyond the grasp of individual miners but there are just as many that lay beneath very shallow (a few inches to a few feet) mantles. In the former case heavy equipment or machinery is needed to access pay-streak gravel layers, while in the latter case research, a sharp eye, and some elbow work with a shovel or a gold metal detector may produce the type of results most of us just dream of.

5) Eocene "shore" deposits. As an aside, I'm no geologist but over time I've learned the importance of studying geology and geologic periods to gain a greater understanding of how gold is formed and what sorts of deposits are (or may be) out there. My advice to you is to do the same. You never know when all that research and study will provide a "jackpot" for you.

(Quartzitic gravels in an Eocene "shoreline.")

OK, that's out of the way. The Eocene Period occurred at its most recent point some 38 million years ago. Many lakes and seas that existed deep under water in the previous period or epoch (the Cretaceous) were left high and dry, and then significantly altered during the Eocene. This is where we come in as gold prospectors and miners...some of these ancient shorelines were littered with gold much like the more modern beach placers found at Nome, Alaska and in southwestern Oregon. Do your homework and find one of these ancient shorelines and you just might hit the "big one."

What's the best piece of advice I can give you to help you find these other types of placer deposits? DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Good luck out there.

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(c)  Jim Rocha (J.R.)  2011

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  1. JR glad you covered some of these other placer deposits, who knows sampling the off chance odd ball might mean that one of us gets a chance to find some never touched virgin ground.

    At 1700+ a once gold, productive ground is getting a new definition.

    It's going to mean that ground that never got a second glance is getting the eyes on it. Personally I wouldn't mind scoring on one of the long percentage prospects I've been sampling.

    Find a decent chunk of ground to work, maybe I can forgo social security payments from my ever so sad government! I would gladly take care of myself till the day I die if they would but get the hell out of my way... and if I generate a few jobs on my way to the grave so much the better.

    Yes maybe our politicians are FUBR, but for the most part they are trained lawyers which means they are inclined to comprise and cut the best deal they can get.

    Maybe a good comprise is letting my dumb ass work himself into an early grave gold mining. While getting this country slowly back onto a gold standard for our currency.

    Just my two cents... edit my rants as you see fit JR!

    Charlie the Iron Man

  2. I am with you in spirit there Charlie. I'd rather try my hand at mining than eat out of someone else's doggie bowl any day. Best of luck to you and stay in touch. Jim


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