More on a Nifty Little Item From "Down Under"

(View of Adrian Keighran's CreVac with pump at bottom of bucket.)  
A "Mini-Suction Dredge"

This past May I introduced you to Adrian Keighran, an Aussie "fossicker" (Australian for miner or prospector) and a nifty little invention he calls the CreVac. According to Adrian, the CreVac is a "mini-suction dredge" used for cleaning out bedrock cracks and crevices.

At the time Adrian was testing the CreVac at a gold-bearing location known as "Bomi Rock." Adrian conducted additional testing of the CreVac recently at Bomi Rock and here's what he has to say about how things went:

"Bloody Cold Up There!"

"Just a follow up on Bomi Rock; we returned on Saturday and took two CreVacs with us this time. We made a start on a crack (crevice)  in the bedrock further up the track. We drive over this section of rock to get to Bomi Rock... well, technically it is part of Bomi Rock. I will fill you in next trip how that goes."

"As far as finishing the crack...well, it didn't happen mainly because the crack fell below the water line and I was struggling to remove the water. Not that this is a problem for the CreVac... it's just bloody cold up there at this time of the year! Plus I had the family along and ran short of time."

"An Extremely Good Bit of Gear"

As you see in the video clip I discovered a ledge...and that ledge has a tale to tell I am sure! (Note: The URL to Adrian's video can be found toward the end of this post. J.R.) You can see the water is flowing through the rock under the ledge and it has a lot of hard pack still in there. So, a trip with some different crevicing tools and a longer hose will indeed be keeping me up at night till my return. Hopefully the water drops before then so I can really sink my teeth into things."
 (The CreVac minus its bucket.)

 "The overall results? Well, I still haven't weighed them hardly worthwhile at the moment because I need to finish that crack off first. Over and above all else, the CreVac is an extremely good bit of gear (if I don't say so myself!). I can't believe the lure that such a common spot like Bomi Rock has me returning again and again. We have some truly amazing gold fields within 100 kilometers of us, including the 'Golden Triangle.' Yet I still feel I have some unfinished business at Bomi Rock. I guess there is no better feeling than returning to old stamping grounds and still getting a return. Still, I can't wait to get into some relatively untouched areas in the coming months."

"You Don't Have to Break Your Back"

"I will be making a trip to Clunes in Victoria where I know of an old cobblestone table drain and it has been a contributing factor to my lack of sleep! The way I see it (and I'm not sure I'm using the right words here) I believe the CreVac will create a new 'gold rush' not only with the newcomers just starting out but with the old miners who just want some peace and quiet, and to return to the old bedrock to reminisce and hopefully get the gold that got away before."

"With the CreVac, there's no more 'chug chug' motor noise or the lifting of heavy pumps. The CreVac is virtually silent although you'll hear the suction noise on the video. In reality the CreVac isn't very loud, it's light weight and portable, easy to set up, and most of all: you don't have to break your back with a pick and shovel if you don't want to!"

"Open to Any Expressions of Interest"

"I am currently setting up a website: However, that may take another week or so. In the meantime people can still e-mail me at:"

"Additionally, the Miner's Den in Cairns will be stocking a demonstration unit as well as placing the unit for sale in the next week or so. I am also open to any expressions of interest on stocking CreVac units in prospecting stores worldwide. I truly believe the CreVac has to be seen in operation to grasp how well it actually works."

"Thanks again for your kind words and support. I have had a lot of 'Nay Sayers' along the way and it's a welcome relief to see someone with your background getting behind me and giving my product the deserved attention it needs to get up and going."

("I've uploaded a new video but understand this:  I'm no public speaker. In fact I hate it, but my son made the video clips and he reckons viewers will go easy on me!")


"The CreVac is also listed for sale on ebay at:"

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