"Striking It Rich:" the Two Aussies Were Right After All!

 (The bogus "Washington Nugget.")

Pulling a Fast One

The convoluted and somewhat mysterious story of Jim Sanders' claim that he found the nearly 9-troy pound "Washington Nugget" on his property in Nevada County, California has come to a screeching halt. Experts have concluded that Sanders' spectacular nugget is, in fact, the "Orange Roughie" found in the Outback by Aussie nugget hunters Reggie Wilson and Murray Cox back in 1987.

Reg and Murray said that Sanders and his cohorts were trying to pull a fast one and bless their little "Digger" hearts...the two Aussies were right after all! (Come on, as miners did we ever doubt them?) Anyway, Mr. Sanders (or whatever his true name is) has emerged from this entire soap opera with quite a bit of doggy doo spattered on his face.

Word Has It

Word has it that the whopping $460,000 paid for Sanders' "Washington Nugget" has been returned to the buyer by the auction house or coin dealers who sold him the nugget. I'm pretty sure those high-brow dealers are their profession's laughing stocks these days and rightly so.

Metal Detectors

Lest you feel too badly for these clowns, the auctioneers/dealers did manage to find another buyer for the "Washington Nugget"....ooops!...I mean the "Orange Roughie." But the sellers got a much lower price after Sanders' BS (can you say scam?) was exposed. (No way?? Yes, way!!)

Gotta Love Those Aussies!

While Reg Wilson and Murray Cox are receiving numerous "Good on ya Mates" and hearty back slaps for telling it like it is, Sanders and his associates are laying low, obviously smarting from the slap in the face delivered by their own ineptitude. Oh fudge boys!! Ease up on yourselves. You tried your best but "stuff" happens...and not always to the sucker or "mark."

Carhartt Wear
Wolverine Boots

I tell you what though, brothers and sisters. Ya just gotta love those Aussies! They don't give up when they know they're right and they're hell on wheels when it comes to fighting back. I know...I saw them in action in Vietnam and on R&R leave as well! (Ooooh boy, you don' even want to know...)

Gets Me All Misty Eyed

I swear, I'm sitting here grinning because it's just like the old days of 1849-1855 when n'er-do-wells of every persuasion "worked" the California gold fields fleecing the '49ers. Sanders and his "pards" were just carrying on a long and sordid tradition. That's all.

Gets me all misty eyed though, truth be told. Why is that you ask? Simply because the "good guys" won for a change!

Good luck to you.

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  1. What a dirty, lowdown, good-for-nothing pole cat that Sanders guy is. There have got to be some kind of fraud charges that can be filed for something like that.

  2. Whatever the reason, at this point it doesn't appear that Sanders (or anyone else) will be brought up on fraud charges. Go figure! That's California for ya...thanks for commenting Alex.

  3. I think you will find that this scam/fraud would come under some breach of the law. It's no different to those Nigerian email scams that say they have many million and just need a bank account to deposit it into. Total BS, just like this situation.

    Anyway more reading here and I tend to agree with Galah, Sanders isn't the only one in on this blatant attempt defraud people of their monies.



  4. I agree about the legal aspects even though I'm no lawyer (thankfully!). Interestingly enough, it doesn't appear that Sanders, et al, is/are going to be prosecuted for perpetrating this scam. How does that work??? Thanks for your comments. J.R.

  5. For what I can see the only one saying that "everyone is happy", and "nothing more is needed to be done" is the auctioneer/geologist Fred Holabird. Sanders appears to have gone to ground.

    This whole scenario makes me suspicious.

    Fred's name and reputation muddied I can't see why he would be fronting the papers with a "it's all cool now and you can drop the story" rubbish, when anyone else would be after Sanders hide?

    I'm hoping enough talk keeps going around the forums that someone in the know will post what is happening regarding fraud charges etc.

    Surely this is a crime of significance? I mean some sucker could have paid a lot of money for a) a gold nugget(if that sale is true) and b) a dud block of land that supposedly reaped a record gold nugget.

    If that isn't a scam worthy of conviction then God help us.......


    1. As a victim of Fred Holabird I filed felony complaints with California, and Nevada Police whom would not lift a finger against these guys (whom by their own admission carry guns and badges) and the police would not give me or any of the other victims the time of day. Cops don't bust cops ! I then reported all of them to the feds and two agents met with myself and two other elderly and disabled victims. So time will tell if Feds will still bust crooked gun toting, thieving confidence scamming cops or not! FHWA / Fred Holabird / Fred Hollabird / Holabird auctions /Holabird Coins / Holabird Anericana/ aka Crooks. SCAM after Scam after Scam. Simply take my word for it or perform one simple keyword search for Holabird Scams and see for yourself. P.S. their latest scam is offshore mining claims off Alaska, where all the mining claim titles are shifted to Foreign Control. As well as claiming to have developed a new scientific technique to determine the origin of gold and of course the method is proprietary and only they can perform it! Trusting them to authenticate anything is like trusting a fox to identify the eggs from the road apples!

  6. Who truly knows what's behind the scenes with all this...there are so many gold and claim scams going on these days...reminds me of the days of the old timers. I still can't see why no one is being prosecuted...anyway, I think all this deserves another published post in "Bedrock Dreams."


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