"Rocks in My Head:" a Prospector and Miner in the Making (Part 8)

(Gold display at the Dahlonega, Georgia Gold Mining Museum.)

Here's a bit more from aspiring placer gold miner Alan Brown of Dahlonega, Georgia. Please note that I've made small editorial changes for formatting and readability purposes:

"Enough Gold to Actually Display!"

"By this last winter I had pretty much cleaned out my spot all the way down to bedrock. Surprisingly, it seemed  at this point I was no longer recovering any gold at all. There had been a reddish clay and sand layer just above the bedrock that contained the majority of the gold I found."

"As I continued to clean the area out thoroughly, it became perfectly obvious that the bedrock here was not a good place for gold to collect. One reason for this is that the bedrock was relatively flat and smooth. But by the end of this entire process I had recovered enough gold to actually display...quite proudly, I might add!"

"My New Spot"

"I had learned a great deal along the way, but by December the weather directed me more toward family, fireplace, and football games. It was just too cold out for the likes of me, so I'd give gold mining a break until around March or so...that's about all I could stand to wait. One reason for my impatience was that I'd already picked out my next spot."

Gold Panning Kits
Gold Concentrators

"My new spot was just below the one I had been working where a smaller stream coming off the hillside entered the main stream channel. At the point where this 'feeder' stream dropped down to the main stream level, it had eroded an area about 3 feet in and had exposed a gravel layer sitting above bedrock."

"Suffice it to say that I did a fair bit better at this spot and also learned a few new mining 'tricks' as well. But that's a story for another time perhaps."

"Gold in More Than the Riverbed"

"Since I began my search for gold I've found it in many forms. I've found it in the people I've met along the way, the experiences I've had outdoors, the time well spent with my kids, and being able to write about it all. In a future installment I'd like to introduce a new friend and fellow prospector, William (Bill) Findley."

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"Bill had read my story in 'Bedrock Dreams' and contacted me with an invitation to work a private spot. Needless to say, I gratefully accepted his kind offer. I'll have the details soon."

"Thanks for reading and good luck out there!"
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