A Miner Speaks Out on the Madness in California

Gold miner John S. sent his view of the anti-mining, anti-dredging issues plaguing our compatriots in California (the "once-golden State"). I apologize to John for taking so long in getting his words published, but these days my blog posts are stacked up like airliners over O'Hare Airport.

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Anyhoo, here's John's take on things (with minor formatting and editing on my part):

"Regarding the 'Legislative Push to End California Gold Rush Has Miners Panning Environmental Rules:'"

"1. Start voting the current California Legislature out and put in your own legislator for the people.....a prospector/miner friendly version. (Hint, hint..)"

"2. Start a class-action law suit to recover all the money owed from dredging permits that will never be handed out to small-scale miners if things are left as is. That's theft and should be punished by jail time...a career-busting response."

"3. George 'Buzzard' Massie would be rolling over in his grave knowing our rights have been trampled this way. It's time to obtain help from his two sons Tom and Perry since they also have a large investment in this lame decision."

(Note: George "Buzzard" Massie was the founder of the Gold Prospector's Association of America [GPAA]. J.R.)

"4. I think it all boils down to this; We should then cut every type of activity that the government currently supports and funds, including:"
  • "Policemen's Balls" (Note: I think John means the social function type of balls here! J.R.)
  • "Governor's Ball"
  • "Fishing"
  • "Boating"
  • "Race cars"
  • "Building permits" 
  • "And every other type of cash-strapped organization there is"
"We could then say we were not picked on if everybody else got screwed along with us. But sadly, we all know that's not the case. They (the powers at be) want to be selective on what they want and who they want to cut (screw?). What gives them the almighty right to pick this type of organization to cut? Moreover, who has the right to pick and choose what organizations get funding cuts??"

"A Great Example of Wasted Money"

 (Note: Here John speaks about his own small community. J.R.)

"Back in the old days we had to walk to school 7+ miles both ways. Now the government taxes us for school buses at the rate of $14 million annually and then places that tax on your property taxes. Next they build a school gym so the kids can exercise (to the tune of $32 million) and that tax is also  applied to our property taxes."

 "So my point is: In just this little community of ours the powers-at-be spend large amounts of taxpayers' money on stuff that is not really necessary and potentially wasteful. If you were to add up all the $$$ the government spends on the schools in California they could buy a house for every person in the state and suction dredging would live on forever.

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"These career politicians need to think before they act or else we need to VOTE THEM OUT and SEND THEM PACKING!"

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c)  Jim Rocha (J.R.)  2011

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  1. California supports these nutcases. They voted for the bullet train, they will vote for Hillary. Only a revolution has a prayer of restoring sanity here.

  2. You may indeed be correct here Jeff.


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