The "Dark Force" Does It Again: California Suction Dredging May End Permanently (Part 1)

Well, lo and behold, the "Dark Force" in the once-golden state of California wasn't satisfied with a 5-year suction dredging moratorium. Nope, that wasn't good enough. Now the "Dark Force" is looking to shut down suction dredging in the state permanently.

What is the "Dark Force" I speak of? What, you didn't know already? Hmmm, let's see:

Hypocritical Indian tribes who profess a unique oneness with nature and tout the purity of their way of life but have no qualms about paving over huge tracts of land to erect obnoxious and outlandish casinos in their chase for the "white man's gold." Oh, and aren't these the same "noble savages" that don't pay taxes, get all sorts of government "freebies," and are considered sovereign nations when it comes to following the oppressive rules that the rest of us are typically jailed for breaking?

Wow...what I don't understand is this...if they're sovereign nations and all that and we can't break their rules or intrude in their business, why is it they're always OK with government handouts from American taxpayers and it's fine for them to intrude in our business? Go figure...

Placer Gold Locations

By the way, I wasn't alive in 1849 and couldn't have participated in the "genocide of native peoples" in California (or anywhere else for that matter). So if you're looking to make me feel guilty on that one, homie don't play that game. Oh don't worry, I know I'll be accused of racism here...that's always the fallback position these days, isn't it? But in reality it's a just a classic case of "money talks and bullshit walks..."

Various and sundry environmental whack jobs who would rather see you lose your livelihood or even your life "lest one branch be harmed on the head of that redwood tree" or "one little fishy be displaced from this rock to the adjoining one." You'll know these types by their cult-like, religious fervor about all things "green" and their "I've drunk the kool aid" stares.

Oh, and don't forget their lingo, constantly filled with buzz words and phrases like "sustainability, carbon footprint, eco-friendly, greenhouse gases, all natural, organic, waste neutral," and God knows however many other pieces of contrived horseshit they concoct to bedazzle each other and get the easily swayed and led out there to march lockstep with them.

Wolverine Boots

And while I'm at it here, don't you recreational and small-scale miners out there know what horrible people you are??? Sob, sniff, cry.....don't you realize the harm you cause to all living things and the damage you do to the environment by releasing copious amounts of methane after eating all those beans and that bacon? Shame on you all!!!

There's more to come but in the meantime I suggest you read the following from Fox News:

 Please Heed the Following

Also please heed the following request from Dave McCracken, founder of the New 49ers. Dave has fought this fight for us harder than anyone else I know for a long time now and he deserves your support:

Please FAX Governor Brown and tell him that you OPPOSE the
proposed 5-yr moratorium and $1.8 million budget cut on the
suction dredging program.  His  fax number is (916) 558-3160.

Thanks for your help!
Dave Mack

The New 49er's, 27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California 96039, USA

I'll have more to say on this subject in my next post. Stay tuned...
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