"Can I Make a Living Gold Mining? (Part 4)"

Here We Go Again

OK brothers and sisters, here we go again. This marks the fourth time now I've written about this topic in "Bedrock Dreams" and something tells me it won't be the last!

There are numerous factors at work here and each of them influences people in varying degrees when it comes to the questions of making a living gold mining. These factors include the record high price of gold today ($1,545.38 per troy ounce as I write this), the tough economic climate we are experiencing, and the relative levels of knowledge and expertise of those who pose this question to me (again and again).

Where to Find Placer Gold

Can you make a living as a small-scale gold miner these days? If you can answer a truthful and resounding "YES!" to each and every one of the following 10 questions then you have more than a fighting chance:

1) Do you have a solid background in the theories concerning gold geology and mineralization as well as gold deposition physics?

2) Are you a student of both lode gold and placer mining history?

3) Can you identify placer gold and various types of gold ores if necessary?

4) Do you know how to use a gold pan properly and understand what good sampling techniques are?

5) Are you experienced with various types of small-scale mining equipment such as sluice boxes, drywashers, highbankers, suction dredges, trommels, rockers, etc.?

6) Are you mechanically inclined or have the ability to troubleshoot and/or repair your own gear and equipment?

7) Do you own a gold claim with high potential or have access to good gold ground?

8) Can you afford to approach your mining activities on a full-time footing and not as a hobbyist or part timer?

9) Do you  have the ability to be imminently patient, and persist and persevere though all sorts of extremes in weather, climate, and other physical conditions?

10) Are you willing to work harder than you've ever worked in your entire life, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too?

Will you strike it rich? Probably not. Can you make a modest living at mining and pay the bills? Perhaps...if you're good enough at what you do and are willing to make a 100% commitment to get there.

Types of Placer Mining Equipment

That's it...there are no quick and dirty answers to this question and no "magic" pills that will turn you into a gold mining magnate overnight. If you're good with that, well hell's bells "pard"...I wish you the very best.

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