"Rocks in My Head:" a Prospector and Miner in the Making (Part 5)

(This is the fifth post in a series written by guest author Alan Brown of Dahlonega, Georgia. You can contact Alan at: captainal01@yahoo.com.)

Running the Rivers of Alabama

"Well faithful followers of 'Bedrock Dreams,' it's been a while now but life and duty do have a way of interfering with the best-laid plans. I've recently taken a new position running the rivers of Alabama from north to south and back again."

"These rivers include the Mobile, Tombigbee, Tennessee-Tombigbee, and the Tennessee proper in an 1100-mile round trip. While very demanding this task is like a bucket-list item for me as I have always wanted to see and experience these rivers in my lifetime. It's a challenging and beautiful run and I deeply understand that I am truly a lucky man."

Studying Each River Bend

"Now here is testament to the level of 'gold fever' that infects me. I catch myself studying each river bend in this new setting and the manner in which sediments build below them in hopes of better understanding, on a much smaller scale, the places where gold might be deposited."

"That being said, I last left you while sitting on a bucket considering how to proceed in my search for gold. My wife, Melinda and I decided to make a trip to one of the historic and still operating mines in the Dahlonega, Georgia area (where I now live)."

The Crisson Mine

"The Crisson Mine carries a large line of all things mining, as a complement to the mine itself. I must say that the mine's business seems very prospector friendly and their prices are well in line with company products that they represent. The owners/operators of the mine are all miners and prospectors themselves as well as local mining club members."

Small Mining Equipment

"That said, this is totally me in my own element....kinda like being in the tool area of Sears only better. There are dredges and sluices and all the rest of the 'goodies' that go along with them. I had done my homework  while onboard running Alabama's rivers and my attention kept returning to Keene Engineering and their line of products."

"A Keene A-52 hand sluice along with a varying sizes of classifiers, and a pan and a 'snuffer' bottle would become my new 'treasures' as we concluded our visit to the Crisson Mine. I'd spent less than $200.00 on all."

Gold Concentrators

"I still envision the day when I can add the rest of the parts needed to convert the box to a full blown dredge, but alas....."

There's more to come from Alan, so stay tuned. In the meantime, good luck to one and all.
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