A Nifty Little Item From "Down Under"

(Aussie miner Adrian Keighran and family at "Bomi Rock.")

I consider myself fortunate to have a solid base of Australian readers and supporters out there. “Fossicking,” as the Aussies call small-scale gold mining, prospecting, and nugget and mineral hunting, is a popular pastime "Down Under" and over the years some great gold recoveries have taken place there.

Introducing the CreVac

Recently I’ve been in contact with Adrian Keighran, an Aussie miner, business director of Candoo Australia, and entrepreneur who has come up with a nifty little item he calls the CreVac, which in Adrian’s words is a “gold crevice vacuum mini-dredge.” What the CreVac reminds me of is some of the small hand-held crevice suction devices for sale here in the States…but at the same time the CreVac is different in that it is apparently motorized and not operated by suction from your mouth or a hand or foot pump.

Adrian has a clip of himself using the CreVac out in the field on YouTube and I've placed a link to this video  toward the close of this post. In the meantime here is some of what Adrian has to say about the CreVac and fossicking in general:

Reedy Creek Gold

“I have been developing a portable suction dredge for some time now and in the coming weeks patents will be released and I will be putting the CreVac on the word-wide market. I have been a subscriber of ‘Bedrock Dreams’ for some time now and LOVE your work. I print it off each time for my father to read…he is also a big fan so keep up the good work.”

“I would love to have you take some time and look at the YouTube clip I filmed. The location is about 10 minutes out of Eldorado on Reedy Creek below Woolshed Falls.” (Note: Eldorado is an old gold mining village located in the state of Victoria, about 160 miles northwest of Melbourne I believe. Jim)

“A Great Result…”

“We call this spot this spot ‘Bomi Rock’… it’s 2-wheel drive access and we have been going there for years. I have dredged, panned, and metal detected the area (as well as everyone else!). It’s just one of those beautiful spots you take the kids to in summer for a swim and to pan.”

“The area is not well known for larger gold…just smalls. I used a rock pick to clean out the shallowest spots in the crevice, gave it maybe 3 swipes, tipped in some water, and the very first suck with the CreVac I found a small nugget (or pretty close to it!) Fifteen minutes later I found another. It was a great result first time out and took place all in about an hour’s time.”
I wish Adrian well with his CreVac and hope to hear more of his successes down the road. Remember, I am here to help and promote any small-scale gold miner (like Adrian) who has good ideas or gear that can help small-scale or recreational miners out in the field.

If you're interested in the CreVac or in contacting Adrian to better understand his design, he can be reached via the following e-mail address:  adrianandsusan@bigpond.com

Good luck to one and all.

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YouTube video of Adrian and the CreVac at "Bomi Rock:"