A Nifty Little Item From "Down Under" (Part 2)

(Aussie miner Adrian Keighran's CreVac.)

Both Heart and Power

In my previous post I introduced you to Aussie miner Adrian Keighran and his CreVac, a venturi-driven "gold vacuum mini-dredge." I know there are other small or mini-suction devices out there for working bedrock cracks or crevices but unless I miss my bet, the CreVac is the first unit I've seen that runs off of a venturi pump.

You can see by the series of photos of the CreVac in this post that Adrian really refined his idea as time went by. I can't help myself because I am a sucker for any good piece of mining gear that is highly portable...and there's no doubt that Adrian's CreVac fits that bill. Additionally, after seeing the CreVac in action there's no doubt this nifty little item from "Down Under" has both the heart and the power to suck gold from just about any crevice.

Here is more of what Adrian has to say about the CreVac"

"Another Trip to Bomi Rock"

"I LOVE the blog post! Thanks heaps Jim."

"I am planning another trip to 'Bomi Rock' tomorrow to finish that crack off...I will take a sluice and the CreVac this time, and will let you know how it goes."

"It's Not Been an Easy Road"

"Your blog post has really put a smile on my face. As you can imagine it's not been an easy road developing the CreVac. Although it is a simple venturi I have buckets and buckets of CreVacs that just didn't make the cut. I was only last night still altering the design to make sure I was getting the most out of it.One photo I sent you is of the CreVac's early days when I beat the venturi all by hand out of 25mm copper piping."

(An "early" version employing hand-beaten 25mm copper piping.)

"Next week I will reveal the finished product...as you can see I'm not scared to show my design. After all, there's no rocket science behind the concept. However, the manner in which I've designed my Venturi maximises the use of a 1500 GPH 12v pump and can be used on dry land, providing you have 30 plus liters of water. Obviously, the CreVac can be used next to water as well."

"Aussie Made"

Adrian also likes to point out that his CreVac unit is "Aussie made"....so its' pretty obvious he takes pride in his country and the hardy, "can do" attitude of Australians in general. They are, from my own experience, a hardy, warm-hearted, and generous people by and large who don't know what giving up means.

I urge you to contact Adrian if you're interested in learning more about his CreVac or in purchasing a unit or units, you Aussie "fossickers" in particular. But based on what Adrian has told me, he can ship to just about anywhere in the world.

Contact Adrian at: adrianandsusan@bigpond.com

Personally, I wish Adrian nothing but the best luck with marketing the CreVac and in his mining endeavors.

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