The Gold Claimer Brand Gold Trommel/Concentrator (Part 2)

(The Gold Claimer trommel's removable sluice.)

As promised, here is more pertinent info on the Gold Claimer trommel:

Cleanup is Simple

When plenty of water is available for the Gold Claimer trommel you can remove the de-watering screw by removing 2 bolts and the drive shaft. Next, you have to remove the intake hose from the pump and connect a longer hose with a foot valve to your water source. It’s a simple as that according to the folks at Gold Claimer.

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Cleanup is also decidedly easy with this unit. When you’re ready to shut down you disengage the clutch or shut-off motor. Using a handle, you can simply slide the sluice out of the hopper end of the trommel.

Easy to Maintain and Operate

Just like you’d do with a regular sluice box, you can place the sluice over a bucket or tub of water and slide the riffles and artificial turf into it for washing and then panning or processing. Then do a bit of “reverse engineering” and reinstall the carpet and riffles, slide the unit back into the sluice cradle, and start running material again.

The Gold Claimer is sturdily constructed and easy to maintain and operate. For power you can use either a gas engine or an electric motor, whichever suits your needs. Both types of engines use the same motor mount.

Here are the Gold Claimer trommel's specifications:

  • Water feed valves for trommel and hopper feed control
  • Revolving scrubber and trommel with positive chain drive
  • Oscillating sluice (150 impulses/minute)
  • Teel cast iron 3,950 G.P.H. water pump
  • Variable speed, single-belt drive
  • 100 gallon capacity reserve water storage tank
  • Auger style de-watering screw
  • 13-gauge steel construction
  • Sealed steel bearings
  • 8'Lx2.5'Wx4.5'H @ 840 lbs.
  • Capacity 2 to 8 cubic yards per hour
  • Trailer mounted with lights, fenders, and 4.80 wheels
  • Honda engine
The cost? $5,940 in U.S. dollars my friends. Recover 5-6 troy ounces of the yellow metal and you'll have this puppy paid for.

Once again, thanks to "Rattlesnake Jim" for bringing this unit to my attention and remember, I am receiving no compensation for writing about about the Gold Claimer trommel.

Good luck to one and all.

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