Friday, July 30, 2010

Watching Prospecting TV, YouTube Videos, and Your Rear End (Part 3)

I'll Take You to Task....

In this, my 3rd and final post on this topic, I'd like to reiterate that I have no problem whatsoever with other miners making a living or some extra cash using venues like prospecting TV or YouTube videos to promote their gear or products. That is, providing they don''t take the huckster/scammer approach and try to work you with overblown, unproven claims or false promises ("Recover an ounce of gold a day!," "Fistfuls of gold!," Locate gold remotely up to 50 miles away!" etc., ad nauseum).

Carhartt Wear
Wolverine Boots

Use this approach or try working a scam or hustle related to recreational or small-scale mining and I just can't help it....I'll take you to task each and every time. The way I see it, I owe it to the newcomers out there as well as the mining community at large.

Is Anything Worth Watching?

All right, now that's out of the way the logical question next is, "Well hell J.R., is there ANYTHING out there of value that I can watch on prospecting TV or on YouTube mining videos?" Of course there is.

I found a classic example on YouTube a couple of years back from an Aussie miner who had developed a nifty little piece of mining gear that was sort of a cross between a gold pan and a sluice box that could be operated while you stood upright. Yep, upright. No bending or stooping.

This piece of mining gear was not only highly portable but even a broken-down old sod like me could shovel straight into it, no material classifying was necessary. And let me tell you...this little gem processed that material expertly and efficiently. I was so impressed by what this Australian miner had done that I even e-mailed him (something I rarely do in that context) about whether he was going the market his invention and the potential cost if it went into production.

"Panning Arizona"

As I've mentioned elsewhere, one of the best series of panning or small-scale mining videos on YouTube are those made by propanner. Propanner's videos can also be viewed at his website titled "Panning Arizona" (

Yes, propanner is selling a couple of mining-related products, but nowhere will you hear him try to run a game on you or attempt to exploit your mining dreams for profit. In fact, he takes just the opposite approach.

If you want to see and hear how to recover decent gold using the most basic gear out there (gold pan, hand tools, sluice box, etc.) and learn more about drop offs and bedrock crevicing and sniping, propanner will shoot you straight. His videos are some of the most instructional out there and are well worth watching, especially for novices.

Prospecting TV Has Its Moments

Prospecting TV can have its moments as well. I've seen a few programs there that were well worth watching and that constituted real learning opportunities for one and all.

However, I must say that many of those prospecting TV episodes are some of the worst offenders when it comes to "salting the works" to get you fired up enough to buy prospecting club memberships or various types of expensive gear.

So it goes. Remember, you can avoid being hustled by being smart and following this very appropriate admonition: "Don't believe everything you see."

Good luck out there.

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  1. Thanks for the tip J.R. Looks like Propanner has some great instructional videos. I'll check them out.

  2. You're welcome Dan. Go for it! J.R.