Friday, July 23, 2010

Watching Prospecting TV, YouTube Mining Videos, and Your Rear End (Part 1)

Just Another Paranoid Crackpot?

Periodically I like to throw another monkey wrench in the mining works by bringing to your attention certain aspects of small-scale or recreational mining that need to see the “light of day.” I do this for your benefit, especially those of you who are novices or have not been led down the garden path yet by hucksters, hustlers, and other nefarious sorts who earn a tidy living by inflating your mining dreams with overblown or downright false expectations.

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Wolverine Boots

Unfortunately for me, any time I take the opportunity to point out the obvious in this regard I tend to come under duress (directly or indirectly) by those very same mining elements I am warning you about. I find this interesting….if they had nothing to hide or I hadn’t hit a sore spot, it seems to me in my simple-minded fashion that these folks would just sit back, laugh, and write me off as just another paranoid crackpot or royal pain in the ass.

Here We Go Again

But like I always say, “There’s a method to my madness.” Call me crazy but I think I owe it to you to keep towing the line in this regard simply because so few others out there are willing to do it. So here we go yet again:

Do you like to watch those prospecting shows on television? Or the hundreds of YouTube videos backed up by hokey banjo music showing you just how it’s done by a range of self-proclaimed experts (most of whom who can barely stumble their way through basic panning or sluicing methods)?

You're Not Alone My Friend

Well you’re not alone my friend. Those prospecting shows on cable or satellite TV and the majority of those funky gold mining videos on YouTube are extremely popular and receive thousands of online “hits” and thousands of hours of on-air time.

Hell, I have to admit myself that I am always interested in seeing how other recreational or small-scale miners “do their thing,” especially if they are bringing something new to the table in terms of techniques, methods, equipment, or gear. The problem is, most of them don’t do this and aside from the generic “weekender” videos, the usual focus on prospecting TV and YouTube is aimed at getting you to shell out your hard-earned bucks for:

• Books
• DVDs
• Club memberships
• Assorted gear and equipment
• Gold concentrates
• Mining claims, and
• Anything and everything else they can get you to buy.

Don't Get Me Wrong Here

Now don’t get me wrong here. I don’t subscribe to the current political trend in the vast wasteland known as Washington, D.C. nor, coincidentally, am I some sort of wannabe socialist intent on redistributing other people’s wealth to the “have nots.”

So, in my mind, turning an honest buck is part of the overall American Dream as I was brought up to understand it. However, when people try to make money dishonestly or by painting an overly rosy picture of a pursuit like prospecting or small-scale mining then my hackles go up and I come out swinging. Sorry, but it’s just my way.

I’ve set the stage and the tone in this particular post. There’s more to come next time.

Meanwhile, good luck and be safe out there.

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