Rich Gold Finds Are Still Out There (Part 3)

(A beautiful 16.7 troy ounce nugget recently recovered by an Aussie miner/nugget shooter. Value? $22,000.)

Here is the third installment of this series of posts:

Issue Number 2: Nothing is Always the Way it Seems

When it comes to gold prospecting and mining (including nugget shooting) nothing is always the way it seems. What first appears to be mundane or useless may turn out to be just the opposite. By the same token, what first appears beneficial or productive may turn out to be just another "dry hole."

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How many times have you heard me tell you that you need to be on good gold ground to get good gold? And, how many times have you listened to me say that many public panning or mining areas have already been beaten to death? Lots of times, right?

All of the advice I have given you in this respect still holds water. Your best bet for striking a rich gold find in terms of large nuggets, spectacular pieces of gold ore, or rich but limited pocket placers is still in those areas that haven't been worked over time and time again or that lay beyond the "norm" in terms of distance or accessibility.

Sometimes the Best Produces Little

However, sometimes the best-looking ground will produce little simply because it does look so good. Let me guess.... Now you're scratching your head and saying to yourself, "What the hell is he talking about here?"

Let me put it this way. You have to figure that any other miner, prospector, or nugget shooter worth his or her salt is thinking (or has thought) the same thing you have: "Damn, that's a fine looking piece of gold ground there!"

So guess what? That rich-looking ground that has you salivating like Pavlov's dog may turn out to be just as barren as an 90-year old spinster simply because other miners have already beaten you to the punch.

Sometimes the Worst Produces Much

Conversely, at that beat up old piece of placer ground that every Tom, Dick, and Harriet has panned, sluiced, drywashed, dredged, or high banked countless times may hold a rich gold find that's just begging to be found. How do I know this?

Tips for Smart Miners

My friend, I've seen it happen....been there and done that. I've seen some pretty spectacular finds come from gold ground that other miners had walked right over a hundred, if not a thousand times before (myself included, sad to say). So sometimes the worst can produce much.

Do the Job Right

Let's go back to to the first post in this series where I outlined the 9-troy pound nugget find by Jim S. on his property near Nevada City, California. Even though the oldtimers and however many other would-be miners and prospectors had worked this area again and again over the past 150 years or so, not one of those folks ever did the job right.

Had they done so, Jim S. wouldn't have struck a rich gold find on virgin bedrock that everyone else had bypassed over the years. Granted, high technology helped matters some in this particular instance, but I think the message is clear.

Even on the hardest worked or beaten up gold ground, someone didn't do the job right somewhere there. Do it right and who knows? Your rich gold find may still be sitting there, just waiting for you to recover what so many others have bypassed.

Remember, in prospecting, gold mining, and nugget shooting nothing is the always the way it seems....

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