Gold Detector Reviews: Garrett's "Infinium LS" (Conclusion)

(Garrett's "Infinium LS.")

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Top Level or “Professional” Detectors

Garrett "Infinium LS"

As I mentioned in my earlier post on the subject, the Garrett "Infinium LS" has a number of other specifications and features that I want to bring to your attention. These include:

1) Easy-to-use detector control interface that requires no complicated adjusting.

2) "Automatic Ground Track" feature that allows you to lock the ground tracking function for peak performance by choosing slow or fast automatic tracking to handle mineralization/soil changes.

3) Audio threshold adjustment control designed to accommodate various search styles.

4) Reverse discrimination that proves invaluable in identifying ferrous (iron) targets.

5) Choice of 4 different control housing configurations: hip mount; under the cuff; and above or below the stem.

6) Standard 10" x 14" Power DD PROformance submersible search coil plus hip mount.
7) Lightweight, power-saving detector design that uses eight AA batteries and has a low-battery warning "beep."

8) Rugged design and stable performance.

9) Full 1-year parts and labor warranty.

10) Multiple frequency technology with a total of 96 employable frequencies adjustable to 730 pulses per second.

11) Effective submersion depth of 200 feet with near neutral buoyancy.

This post and Part 1 cover the major aspects of the "Infinium LS" pretty well. There's no doubt it's a good machine that can be employed to great effect in any number of situations, including both "wet" and "dry" nugget hunting.

Good luck out there!

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