Working Bench Gravels: One Canadian Miner's Success Story

(A range of beautiful placer gold nuggets recovered from British Columbia's Cariboo District bench gravels.)

Good Placer Gold Values in Bench Gravels

If you’ve read my posts on working bench gravels (“Working Bench Gravels, Part 1,” and “Working Bench Gravels, Part 2,” you already know that benches can contain good (even great) placer gold values. The photos above clearly provide you with additional evidence of the validity of this premise.

These beautiful nuggets were recovered from bench gravels somewhere in British Columbia’s historic Cariboo District (please read my post titled “Tips for Finding the Gold at Cariboo, B.C.,” by a fellow gold miner and reader of “Bedrock Dreams.” According to my Canadian mining colleague, this gold (and more) came from two different benches (he is currently anticipating sampling/running a third bench sometime in the near future).

It Doesn't Get Much Better

My Canadian friend also states that very little non-auriferous gravel or bench overburden needed to be removed or separated before the material was processed. The unprocessed material was then run through a handmade, do-it-yourself trommel to recover the gold.

Trust me, placer mining bench gravels doesn’t get much better than this. As you can see, the results speak for themselves.

A Positive Role Model

Lest you think that working bench gravels is always as productive as it has been for my Canadian friend, you should know that the person I am speaking of here really knows his stuff and is a “miner’s miner” (my highest mining accolade, by the way). He’s been at mining for quite a while now, is imminently knowledgeable about placer mining and mining equipment, understands the importance of good sampling techniques, and is more than willing to do the research and the hard work necessary to get the gold.

These positive attributes (among others) set him aside from the “thundering herd” and enable him to approach his personal mining activities successfully. My Canadian colleague provides a positive role model for those you out there who are mining “newbies” but want to do better. (See what can be accomplished on good gold ground with knowledge, effort, and experience?)

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My heartfelt thanks to my Canadian mining associate for allowing me to publish his photos and give you a general description of his efforts. Additionally, my very best to all my mining friends in beautiful B.C.

Good luck out there.

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