Large Nuggets in Australia (Part 2)

(Some recent nugget recoveries by Aussie nugget shooters.)

Aussie Nugget Shooters Continue to do Quite Well

In my previous post on this subject I spoke primarily about large gold nuggets recovered in Australia before 1900. The solitary exception was my brief description of Kevin Hillier's recovery of the million-dollar "Hand of Faith" nugget which was discovered with a metal detector in the Aussie Outback in the fall of 1980.

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Although the "Hand of Faith" was one of those once-in-a-lifetime finds, Australian nugget hunters (or nugget shooters, if you prefer) continued to do quite well nugget hunting in historic Aussie goldfields all through the 1980s, the 1990s, and even today. Granted, many of the gold recoveries in subsequent years have been much smaller in size and weight overall.

More Large Nugget Finds

However, exceptional nugget finds still turn up occasionally at various times and locations Down Under. Here are a few of those finds:

"Pride of Australia" 256 troy ounces (recovered in Mosquito Gully, Wedderburn District in the early 1980s)

"Golden Eagle" 1,135 troy ounces (found near Kalgoorlie in 1931 by a lucky miner using conventional "fossicking" methods)

"King of the West" 819 troy ounces (found at a unnamed location in Western Australia in 1995)

(no name given) 317 troy ounces (uncovered by 2 nugget hunters near Inglewood in 1995)

"Evening Star" 520 troy ounces (disovered in western Australia in the 1990s)

"Golden Aussie" 200 troy ounces (also found in western Australia in the 1990s)

Multi-Ounce Nuggets Still Await Recovery

Many nuggets ranging in weight from 1-to-50 troy ounces have been recovered by Aussie nugget shooters in recent years in various locations throughout Australia. None of these was deemed "spectacular" enough to deserve a name or a place in the record books, but the point is that multi-ounce Aussie placer nuggets still exist in many locations awaiting recovery.

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Remember, we are speaking about large or exceptional Australian gold nuggets here. The sheer number of small nuggets (less than one or one-half troy ounces in size) recovered by Aussie nugget hunters over the past 30 years or so is absolutely phenomenal.

There's no doubt that the Land Down Under still offers great potential for those seeking larger nuggets. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next discoverer of the "Hand of Faith's" twin.....

Good luck out there.

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