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If you've already read my first post on gold in New Hampshire ("Gold in New England: New Hampshire," here is a reader's update for you. Adam Boynton is a fellow placer miner and supporter of "Bedrock Dreams" who recently sent me an e-mail message concerning gold suction dredging in the "Granite State."

Here's what Adam had to say (with slight editorial changes for overall readability):

$25.00 Annual Permit Fee for Residents

“I just wanted to let you know that in New Hampshire (NH) you do need a permit to dredge for gold. I have contacted the Department of Environmental Services (DES) and completed my application for the permit. But I’m waiting until the first of the year to submit it because all dredging permits expire then."

"I spoke with a woman at DES and she said that issuing dredge permits is something they do all the time. An annual dredging permit costs $25.00 for residents and I think $100.00 for nonresidents. So it doesn’t appear there is excessive dredge regulation in NH."

Permits Not Hard to Get

"However, you can’t dredge on or in national forests and you are supposed to have landowner permission for working private property. From what I’ve seen around here if you ask a landowner for permission to mine the gold in the river or stream on his or her land, most don’t even know there’s any gold around, let alone wanting to go get it."

"By the way, in NH dredges can’t be more than 4 inches (intake diameter). So just wanted to let you and your readers know these details and that, overall, NH dredge permits are not hard to get."

Adam's a great guy and an enthusiastic miner. If you'd like to contact him he can be reached via the following e-mail address:

Additionally, the New Hamshire DES homepage can be accessed via the following URL:

My sincere thanks goes out to Adam for passing this information along and for being a loyal "Bedrock Dreams" reader!

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  1. Do you need a permit for a sluice box?

  2. As far as I know you don't need a permit for sluicing. However, you may want to confirm this by contacting the NH Dept. of Environmental Services. Good luck! Jim


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