7 Suggestions for Finding Workable Gold Ground (Part 8)

(N. New Mexico's Ortiz Mountains, site of one of the oldest gold strikes in the United States.)

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I've been out of the loop for the last week or so due to the Holidays. However, I'm back in the saddle once again and ready to continue with this series of posts on finding workable gold ground. Here goes:

Forgo the Easy Accessible Locations

In my previous tip (6) Go the Extra Mile) I pointed out the simple fact that workable gold ground can be found even in areas of high traffic. But in order to work those areas you must forgo the easy accessible locations and be prepared to do a bit of hiking and humping (your gear that is!). I even gave you an example from my younger days.

So once again, if you are prone to just pulling off the highway to mine a spot that countless others have worked before you then make sure that your expectations follow suit. The simple truth here is that taking the easy way out is never going to bring you much success in mining (or in life in general for that matter).

Now I'm going to turn the heat up a notch in this regard. I've also alluded to what I'm about to say in a couple of other posts in "Bedrock Dreams" but I will develop things a bit more for you here:

There are different degrees of going the extra mile.

What does this mean exactly? Well my friend, if the example I gave you in my previous post is just the tip of the iceberg then heading for gold-bearing spots, locations, or areas well off the beaten path represents the other end of the spectrum.

To put it all in plain English without frills this means you might find workable gold ground by hiking a half mile down that steep river canyon or you might head for that remote location you researched last winter that requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle or ATV, and then a long hike in with minimal gear and supplies.

In fact, in the latter case you may be required to make multiple trips in order to place yourself on gold ground that is not only workable, but that holds the potential for recovering big-dollar amounts of placer gold. I am speaking here of gold locations that are not just hard to reach, but that are so off the beaten path they are nearly forgotten.

Six Figures in Gold

I had a mining acquaintance who researched an area like this some 25 years ago in Montana. The location was in a very remote and mountainous area that required him to "pack in" using horses to carry both himself and his gear.

The upshot? This unique and hardy individual ended up recovering and selling gold (much of it in unique specimen form) that earned him well up into six figures over the course of a couple of years. And he did it alone, without help and without heavy machinery.

Let Me Digress....

Let me digress for a moment and say here and now that I do not recommend that any of you out there do something like this alone. The potential dangers are not worth the money, especially if something goes south way out in the boonies somewhere.

Note also that the person I am talking about was a committed "loner" who did not have a wife, or kids, or anyone else close to him at the time and he held the work-a-day world in disdain. He was one of those rugged individualists or adventurers who decided to roll the dice and take his chances, you see?

Whatever Works, Works

Anyway the point again is that workable gold ground comes in many different forms in many different locations. Accessing some of this ground will require a limited amount of extra effort, other locations will require additional planning and effort, and some spots will require thorough research first and a very difficult journey to reach.

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Workable (translate "good") gold ground comes in every step between as well. So it's up to you to decide what's best and what is reasonable.

Some of you may have health issues or physical problems that preclude you from getting too far out there and this is fine. Many of you, on the other hand, are young bucks (and buckettes) that have the physical capacity and endurance to "go for it" in remote locations. Whatever works, works. Just be safe.

A final thought.....workable gold ground is all around you. Take the much less-traveled high road and you may just find that rich little pocket placer you always dreamed of.

Good luck out there.

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