7 Suggestions for Finding Workable Gold Ground (Part 6)

(Some nice "chunkers" from a Majuba Placers claim near Rye Patch, Nevada. This claim is currently for sale.)

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OK, here's my 5th suggestion for finding workable gold ground:

5) Buy a claim.

Filing your own claim may prove a bit problematic these days since most decent (and even most borderline) placer gold claims are already locked up tight by other claimholders. Claims are big business these days my friend, and claim sales are definitely up in numbers and in price.

That said, owning your own patented or unpatented mining claim has obvious advantages for the small-scale or recreational gold miner. Think on that for a moment.

A Nice Image....

Close your eyes and pull up a mental image of that piece of workable gold ground that you've always dreamed of owning and calling yours and yours alone.Then imagine working that piece of ground in your own time and space, getting the gold your way without being told to get out, or move farther downstream, or being driven nearly insane by hordes of weekend warriors who plop their gear down right next to where you're working in that beat-to-death public panning area you've been trying to tease some color from.

Nice image isn't it? Yes it is. As long as you remember that you'll pay for the privilege my friend.

Beware the Claim Scammers

So as long as you're good with that premise and have the necessary amount of folding green to purchase your own claim, then what's to stop you? Welllllllllll..................yep, you smell it coming don't you? J.R. is about to throw a big ol' monkey wrench into that dream of yours.

Not really pard. But I do have to remind you that for every honest company or individual selling a gold claim these days there are at least 2 others out there who are looking to work you, hustle you, and if necessary scam you out of that hard-earned cash.

If you think I'm BSing, please read my posts in "Bedrock Dreams" on the subject of claim scamming and other claim purchase issues (for instance: "Beware the Claim Scammers," http://goldbedrockgold.blogspot.com/2008/07/beware-gold-mining-claim-scammers.html, and "So You Want to Buy an Gold Mining Claim," http://goldbedrockgold.blogspot.com/2008/07/so-you-want-to-buy-gold-mining-claim.html, "One Miner's Claim Nightmare," http://goldbedrockgold.blogspot.com/2009/03/one-miners-claim-nightmare.html).

My job here is not to dissuade you from buying a gold claim as a viable means of finding workable gold ground, but simply to try and warn you of potential pitfalls if you do decide to go this route. Coincidently, if you've visited other prospecting and mining sites online you'll notice one major difference between my approach and theirs.

Rarely if ever do they tell you the whole story when it comes to hard issues like this or with mining as a whole. Why? I suspect they present an overly "rosy view" simply because they are too busy focusing on self promotion ("You there, yes you! Lookee here. Can't you see I'm the latest, greatest, and bestest placer miner, nugget shooter, or prospecting club 'grand poobah' ever?" etc.). That, or they're trying to sell you their books, tapes, gear, and/or memberships. (Damn! The truth really does hurt at times...)

So please, do us both a favor and get informed. Above all, protect yourself before shelling out your hard-earned cash for any gold claim.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

OK, I'm assuming you read those 3 posts I listed so let's get back to buying a gold claim. How much can you expect to pay these days for a claim?

Well, you might bid on a borderline claim on Ebay (and many claims listed there are on piss-poor ground brothers and sisters...forgive the use of the vernacular here) and get it for under $1,000. Elsewhere you may pay as much as $5,000, $10,000, $30,000 or even 6 figures depending on where the claim is, how "rich" it is, and how many acres (20, 40, 80, 160, etc.) are involved.

One nice thing about taking the claim purchase route is the simple fact that you have the option to buy a patented claim. In a patented claim deal you actually own the land and everything on it, unlike unpatented claims where you only "own" the mineral rights. But be forewarned. Patented claims cost a bundle these days.

Get a Safety Kit and Stay Safe!

So there's another suggestion for you. If you're flush with cash or can make a good trade with property, gold, or?, owning your own gold claim may be the best way of finding that workable gold ground you've always dreamed of.

Good luck to one and all.

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