Gold in Western Australia (Part 3)

(An old mine headframe near Kalgoorlie.)

Here is Part 3 of my series of posts on the main gold-producing areas of Western Australia:
Kalgoorlie Area: One of the best known gold-mining regions of the Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt, Kalgoorlie was the site of very rich placer gold discoveries 1893. These placers were centered near Charlotte and were worked steadily until major reef (vein) deposits were unearthed in dolerite formations nearby. During its heyday, the so-called "Kalgoorlie-Boulder Golden Mile" was arguably the richest mile of auriferous earth in the world. Gold mining is still carried out here today. Large amounts of gold in quartz as well as placer gold were recovered in the area in the old days, including many large nuggets. If you 're interested in nugget hunting with a detector you might want to research locales such as Hogans, Kanowna, Black Hills, and Bulong.

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Sandstone Area: Although both primary (reef or vein) and secondary (placer) gold deposits occur in the area they are mostly part of Sandstone Greenstone Belt that stretches out in all directions for approximately 50 kilometers. Many large nugget finds have been documented in the Sandstone region, and some of these have been quite spectacular, not only in size but in appearance as well (Note: the larger the nugget and more unique it is, the more cash you'll receive for it. NEVER sell large unique nuggets only for their melt value because you're cutting your own throat from a monetary standpoint. J.R.).

Agnew Area: The Agnew gold-producing area is also part of the famed Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt. A number of large and quite extensive gold reef and placer locations can be found within the area, with the reef deposits formed mostly in shear-zone geologic environments. You'll find the best placer grounds near Lawlers, Sir Samual, and Kathleen Valley.

Mt. Margaret Area: Located at the southern margin of the Mount Magnet-Meekatharra Greenstone Belt this area contains numerous reef gold and and placer gold deposits that have been worked extensively over the years. The lode gold at Mount Margaret comes in both shear-hosted and regular gold quartz reef formations, with Hill 50 and Watertank Hill being the main locations for reef gold workings. High-paying gold placer deposits have also been worked in and around the Mount Magnet area, which still attracts numerous Aussie nugget hunters.

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Cue Area: This area is also part of the Mount Magnet-Meekatharra Greenstone Belt and contains shear-zone and quartz reef lode gold deposits. Major reef workings can be found at locales like Big Bell, Golden Crown, Great Fingall, and Cue. Numerous placer gold deposits were once worked at Cue proper and all through the surrounding region especially at locations like Day Dawn, The Island, and Tuckabianna. In past years quite a few decent nuggets have been pulled from these placers, including some very large multi-ounce pieces.

So there you have it. If you have a hankering to do a bit of "fossicking" for gold you may want to try your hand in one of these areas of Western Australia, or any of the others I've listed in earlier posts.

Good luck out there Mate.

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