Gold in Western Australia (Part 2)

(A multi-ounce nugget from Western Australia.)

As promised in Part 1 of this series of posts I now continue with some of the best gold-producing areas in Western Australia:

Southern Cross Area: Most of the gold in this area is found in what is known as the Southern Cross Greenstone Belt and similar but less extensive greenstone belts nearby. Gold production in the Southern Cross region is mostly from primary or reef (vein) deposits and occurs in shear zones as well as quartz lode deposits. As far as nugget hunting is concerned, the Southern Cross area is not your best bet since little in the way of secondary (placer) gold has been found there. Ditto for placer nuggets.

Leonora Area: This gold-bearing region lies in the middle of the famous Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt. Leonora contains very extensive reef gold deposits at locations like Sons of Gwalia, Harbour Lights, Malcom, and others. Most of these gold zones are one of two types: shear hosted or quartz reef deposits. Productive placer gold deposits have been worked at Specking Patch, Lake Darlot, and Goana Patch. Many placer gold nuggets (including quite a few multi-ounce nuggets) have been recovered at these latter three locations.

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Wiluna Area: This part of the Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt is not as well known as other locations within the Belt. However, some very large quartz reef deposits can be found in and around the area. Wiluna also contains a number of small placer deposits suitable for nugget hunting.

Meekatharra Area: Located at the northern edge of the Mount Magnet-Meekatharra Greenstone Belt the Meekatharra Area contains numerous reef and placer gold deposits. As in other locations and areas the gold in this region is derived from shear zones and quartz reefs, some of which proved quite rich in past years. Placers around Meekatharra have long been noted for their ability to produce very large nuggets and lots of them. Locations of interest include Reedy's, Nannine, Kohinoor, Kiorara, New Alliance, and adjoining or nearby locations.

I'll finish up this series of posts on the major gold-producing areas of Western Australia in my next post. Until then, "Good on ya mate."

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