Free Gold Prospecting and Mining Downloads from the Arizona Geological Survey

(P.F. Corrao artwork courtesy of the Arizona Geological Survey.)

A Wealth of Information

For those of you interested in gold prospecting and mining in the Grand Canyon State (and elsewhere for that matter), the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) has a wealth of information available. Included are the following free (yes, you heard right) prospecting and mining downloads:

"Gold Placers and Placering in Arizona," E.D. Wilson, 1981 (reprint).

"Arizona Lode Gold Mines and Gold Mining," E.D. Wilson, J.B. Cunningham, and G.M. Butler (revised 1967 edition).

"Exploration and Development of Small Mines," H.E. Krumlauf, 1954.

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Gold Concentrators

"One Hundred Arizona Minerals," R.T. Moore, 1955.

"Gold and Copper Deposits Near Payson, Arizona," C. Lausen, E.D. Wilson, 1925.

"USGS Finds Gold in the Silver Bell Mountains," J.E. Spencer and D.A. Sawyer (AZGS Fieldnotes, Volume 18, Number 4), 1988.

"Geology and Ore Deposits of the Oatman and Katherine Districts, Arizona."

"Geologic Map of the Oatman District, Mohave County, Arizona."

Other AZGS Publications Available

There are a number of other AZGS publications available online as well, so you may want to take a look. You can find this additional AZGS information at:

Overall, I think the AZGS has done a fine job and has made some very useful information available to the general public. They should be commended for their efforts.

Although some publications are a bit dated there is still useful data and information that can be gleaned by the inquiring miner and/or prospector. So get to it!

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  1. I was planning a trip to Calif to sluice at San Gabriel River was going to book a 2 week stay at Camp Williams Resort but it look like that IDIOT you have there will let me spend my money in Arizona. I was born and raise in Calif and am sorry to see it becoming a Communist Government state. The Golden Dream is gone from Calif

  2. Well Vern, sorry you can't hit the E. Fork. I too am a native Californian and what they've done to our home state is not only ridiculous, but scary too. Best, J.R.


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