Gold in the Southeast: South Carolina (Part 2)

(South Carolina's scenic Chatooga River, the setting for the film "Deliverance.")

Here is additional information for you on small-scale and recreational gold mining locations in the great state of South Carolina:

Placer Gold in South Carolina

Oconee County: A number of significant placer gold areas exist in Oconee County. Most streams and small drainages contain color, so sample thoroughly if you're in the area.

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Greenville and Spartanburg Counties: Additional gold placers can be found in these two counties, especially in the Middle Tyger River and its tributary streams.

York County: Of the counties mentioned in this section, York County has probably produced the most significant placer gold finds historically. The Martin Mine was the biggest producer, with most of its placer gold recovered from a multi-acre gravel bed resting on clay (false bedrock).

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Placer gold nuggets as large as 10-17 troy ounces were common in the early mining days of the Martin Mine. Additionally, gold-in-quartz pieces containing 100-200 troy ounces of free-milling gold were also recovered in the area. I probably don't need to tell you that these were some significant gold finds.

Lancaster County: One of the most famous of South Carolina's gold mines was the Haile Mine located just outside Kershaw in Lancaster County. Another substantial lode and placer gold area is located in and around the site of the Ridgeway Mine, which is a 20-30 minute drive from Columbia, South Carolina. Finally, the entire community of McCormick was built atop the remnants of a substantial gold-producer once owned by Cyrus McCormick (inventor of the grain reaper) himself.

Anderson and Pickens Counties: Placer gold can be found near the City of Clemson and in the Chatooga National Wild and Scenic River area (check with local rangers about panning and mining in the scenic region). There are a number (or at least there used to be) of pay-as-you-go gold mining and panning sites in the Rock Hill and Gaffney areas which may prove to be fun for yourself as well as the family.

So there you have it. Ample opportunities do exist for the small-scale or recreational miner in the Palmetto State. As always, respect private property and stay safe.

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