Finding Nuggets the "Old-Fashioned" Way (Part 2)


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Common "Threads"

In my previous post on this topic, I spoke about two oldtimers who really knew their stuff when it came to finding placer gold nuggets the "old-fashioned" way without the benefit of expensive metal detectors or other highly evolved gear or equipment. But before I begin my individual coverage of these two miners and their techniques, it's important that you understand that they both shared common "threads" in terms of knowledge, experience levels, and how they approached nugget hunting and gold mining in general:

1. Over 45 years of placer mining experience in one case and nearly 50 in the other.

2. Both were expert "stream readers" with a thorough understanding of the physics of gold deposition and stream hydraulics.

3. Good sampling techniques were fundamental to the overall success of their individual approaches.

4. For the most part both avoided larger gold-bearing rivers, instead focusing their nugget hunting efforts on smaller streams and creeks in historically significant gold-bearing areas.

5. Each exhibited the highest attributes of what I term the "3 Ps" (patience, persistence, and perseverance).

6. Both were extremely hard workers who were willing to do whatever was necessary to get to the gold.

"Where Have I Heard All This Before?"

I know, I know. Some of you are shaking your heads and muttering, "Now where I have heard all this before?" Well, truth be told, right here in "Bedrock Dreams." In fact many times over you've heard me sing the praises of these attributes and how important they are in achieving mining success.

Where did I learn this? From these two oldtimers, for starters. The rest came with experience, trial and error, and the fact that I was blessed enough to have "teachers" like these two men along the way.

We're Just Getting Started

Now it's my turn to share some of that knowledge with you, just as you will down the road with those beginning to climb the first rungs of the gold mining "ladder." But be patient. We're only just getting started here on "Finding Nuggets the 'Old-Fashioned' Way."

In my next post I'll tell you how Walt H., the first oldtimer did his "thing" and how he ended up with mayonnaise jars filled with nuggets and coarse gold. Until then, dream large.......

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