Southern California Placer Areas: Important Update on the E. Fork's "Bridge to Nowhere"

("Private Property" sign at the "Bridge to Nowhere," photo courtesy of Jason Peters.)

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Important Update

I have an important update for those of you interested in gold panning or recreational mining along the East Fork of the San Gabriel River at or near the famous "Bridge to Nowhere." One of my readers, Jason Peters, recently sent me the following message:

"You said in your blog that you were curious about panning under the "Bridge to Nowhere" or in that area. Well, I took the hike down there on Saturday and went all the way up to the 'Bridge to Nowhere' only to find a sign when I got there that said this area was Private Property.... SAYING no camping here, no prospecting for gold, and a few other things, so the bottom line was we didn't get a chance to look since there was a sign that said anyone who did break the law on those rules would be prosecuted. I could send you the photo I did take while I was there, and the 'bungee' jumper people who work there work for the private property area. So you're being watched in a sense, although they are not there during the week days only the weekend.

I also did find one other post from some other guy that went there and actually found gold in 2005. I don't know if the private property sign was up yet, but there is a mine I heard about in this other post a mile after the bridge although who knows if its private for there are literally private property signs all over the rocks past the bridge.

Well I hope that shed some light on your curiosity!"

Jason was also kind enough to send along a few photos of the "Private Property" signs that are scattered about in the immediate vicinity of the "Bridge to Nowhere." I've posted the main sign at the beginning of this post. It reads, in part:

"You are now standing upon private property. This is not part of the Angeles National Forest. The bridge and 1/2 mile in any direction from the bridge is privately owned....No hunting, no prospecting, no camping, no campfires....We will not hesitate arresting any persons violating these rules."

So there you have it. Another historic spot that is now off limits to panning or recreational mining. Please note however, that the trespass sign only involves the area within 1/2 mile of the bridge. I suggest you check with local rangers to determine exactly which areas are open along the East Fork and within the Angeles National Forest. As I told Jason, it's been over 20 years since I myself have been in that area.

My thanks to Jason Peters for this important information update. If you have specific questions, try contacting Jason at his place of business, Elite Hardware in Beverly Hills:

Jason Peters

Elite Hardware Inc., 307 North Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211
tel: 310-550-8842 fax: 310-550-8843

If you are like me and have never visited or shopped a "high-end" hardware outlet, then Elite Hardware is made to order for you! If you can, stop by and talk to Jason in person.

(Jason, once again thanks much for your pertinent info and the photographs. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. J.R.)

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  1. yes that private property is a mineral patent from i believe 1907 by suanders its a total of 60 acres and is presently own by a bungee jumping company the owner ron just doesnt want to be responsible for idiots who may get injured or killed on his property ,he has no problem s with prospectors .just not on his property

  2. Thanks much for the info and update. J.R.


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