Publications on Placer Mining in the Yukon (Part 2)

Here is my second installment of useful publications relating to placer gold mining in the Yukon Territory:

Gold Pans
Gold Panning Kits
Mining Equipment

"An Evaluation of Ground Penetrating Radar as a Tool in Placer Exploration, 1994" (M.A. Power, 1994. Note: this is an Amerok Geophysics text.)

"Sedimentology of the White Channel Placer Deposits, Klondike, West-Central Yukon" (S. R. Morison, 1985. Note: this work was Morison's Master's Degree thesis at the University of Alberta.)

"Light Auger Drilling for Placer Prospecting in the Klondike District, Yukon: a Pilot Project" (D. Brent, 1995.)

"Stewart River Placer Project Station Location Map" (G.W. Lowey, S. Deforest, and P.S. Lipovsky, 2004. Note: this map is 1:250,000 scale.)

"Placer Gold Recovery Research: Final Summary, 1990" (R. Clarkson and P.Eng, 1990, New Era Engineering Corporation. Note: this text is a reprint.)

"Placer Mining and Exploration Compilation (105 A/B/C/D)" (L. Carlyle, 1995. Note: this text contains four 1:250,000 scale maps.)

"Summary Report on Placer Research Projects" (C.H. MacDonald and P.Eng, 1990. Note: this text is a reprint from Mineral Resources, DIAND.)

"Yukon Placer Mining Industry-1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998" (A.L. Doyle and A.L. Millar [editors], maps by W.P. LeBarge. Note: this text is out of print but you may be able to access or download it via the Mining Inspections and Exploration and Geological Services Division. )

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There you have it. Eight more publications that may prove useful to those of you considering small-scale mining efforts in the Yukon Territory.

More on the publications in this list can be found on the Yukon Geological Survey website at the following URL:

Good luck out there!

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