Publications on Placer Mining in the Yukon (Part 1)

In an earlier post I provided my Canadian gold mining friends with a list of British Columbia placer gold mining publications. Since that post proved to be quite popular and oft-visited, I decided to include another list of publications on placer gold mining, but this time one specifically dealing with the Yukon Territory.

Here is Part 1 of that list:

"A Brief History of Placer Mining in the Yukon" (G.W. Gilbert, 1989.)

"Placer Geology of the Stewart River (115N&O) and Part of the Dawson (116B&C) Map Areas, West-Central Yukon, Canada" (Report by G.W. Lowey, 2004. Note: A CD-ROM and paper maps for this title are available separately.)

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"Placer Gold Deposits of the Mayo Area, Central Yukon" (W.P. LeBarge, J.D. Bond, and F.J. Hein, 2002. Note: this title is accompanied by 6 maps.)

"Sedimentology of Placer Gravels Near Mt. Nansen, Central Yukon Territory (115 I)" (W.P. LeBarge, 1995.)

"Shape and Composition of Lode and Placer Gold from the Klondike District, Yukon, Canada (115O Parts of 116 B)" (J.B. Knight, J.K. Mortensen, and S.R. Morison, 1994.)

"Yukon Placer Activity Map" (P. Lipovsky, W. LeBarge, J. Bond, and G. Lowey, 2001. Note: this publication accompanies EGSD Bulletin 13, Scale: 1:1,000,000 map.)

"Yukon Placer Database 2005-Geology and Mining Activity of Placer Occurrences" (W.P. LeBarge and J. Coates, 2005. Note: This database is in Microsoft Access 2000 format.)

"Yukon Placer Mining and Exploration 1985-1988 and 1989-90" (W.P. LeBarge and S.R. Morison.)

"Dawson Area Placer Activity Map, Portions of NTS Sheets 116B&C and 115N&O, Yukon" (P. Lipovsky, G. Lowey, and W. LeBarge, 2001. Note: this publication accompanies EGSD Bulletin 13.)

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"Gold Losses at Klondike Placer Mines-Gold Recovery Project (Phase 1)"
(R. Clarkson and P.Eng, 1989. New Era Engineering Corporation. Note: this publication is a reprint.)

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More on the publications in this list can be found on the Yukon Geological Survey website at the following URL:

Good luck to you all!

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