Main Placer Gold Areas of the Yukon Territory

Here is a basic geographic list of the main placer gold areas in Canada's historic Yukon Territory (Canadian readers: please note that all locations and distances are approximates only):

The Firth River placers lie in the extreme northwest tip of the Territory.

Some 80-100 miles southeast of the Firth River Area you will find the Fitton Creek-Blow River area.

The Forty Mile/Sixty Mile placer areas lie nearly dead center along the Alaskan border about 50-60 miles west of Dawson City.

You can find the Klondike and Clear Creek placer areas clustered around the Dawson City area.

The Mayo gold area is near the Yukon community of the same name.

Nearly 100-150 miles southeast of Dawson City is the Nansen Creek gold area.

In the Haines Junction area of the southwest Yukon are the Kluane Lake placers.

An extensive gold placer area can be found along the Big Salmon River northwest of Whitehorse.

The Atlin gold area is along the Territory's south central border with British Columbia.

The Frances River placer area lies some 175 miles east/northeast the Atlin area.

Approximately 125 miles northeast of the Frances River placers you will find the South Nahanni Placer District.

Additionally, many smaller and less well-known placer areas can also be found in various locales within the Yukon Territory. Some of these have been mined fairly extensively and some have barely been touched. Additionally, for a savvy and well-equipped gold prospector, the Yukon still holds the possibility of finding "virgin" ground on a moderate-to-small scale.

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(c)  Jim Rocha (J.R.)  2008