Gold in the Midwest: Ohio (Updated)


(Ohio "Gold Belt:" yellow areas are known gold producers and purple areas may contain glacially deposited placer gold.)

Ohio, like Indiana, is another midwestern state that presents recovery opportunities for the small-scale or recreational gold miner. All of the gold found in Ohio is placer gold since there is no geologic evidence in the state of lode or vein gold occurrences. And, as in the case of Indiana, Ohio's placer gold was deposited by ancient glaciers from the gold-bearing regions of Canada, which lie in a line almost due north of the state.

Where to Find Placer Gold in Ohio:

Theoretically any river, stream, or creek in the parts of Ohio that underwent glacial transformation have the potential for producing detrital placer gold. The best opportunites for recovering placer gold in Ohio are in the following locations:

Carroll County: along Sandy Creek

Clermont County: Stonelick Creek north of Owensville, Brushy Fork (also north of Owensville)

Mahoning County: Middle Fork of Little Beaver Creek east of Salem

Richland County: Deadman's Run north of Belleville

Wildcat Hollow: West of Butler

Ross County: Buckskin Creek south of Humbolt, Paint Creek and its tributaries

Note that many placer gold locations in Ohio are found on private property. Please do not trespass. Additionally, if you have visions of nuggets and coarse flakes dancing before your eyes, I must point out that most of the detrital gold recovered in Ohio comes in the form of small grains, flakes, and fines. Much of the glacially deposited gold in Ohio will be of this variety, although there have been some instances reported of larger pieces of glacial placer gold, including small-to-medium nuggets and coarse gold flakes and pieces.

(UPDATE 11/11/08) I received the following information on Ohio gold from a reader who sent me an e-mail:

"Just to let you know..Buckskin Creek is still a good spot here in Ohio for finding lots of small flakes on a regular basis. One spot you did not mention is Big Indian Creek at Pt. Pleasant, Ohio. Lots of slab bedrock in the creek with gold beneath."
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