Gold in the Southwest: Arizona, Part IV

Here is the fourth and final post in my series on placer gold locations in Arizona. I'll finish things up by covering Yuma County:

Yuma County: Nearly every watercourse and area of bench gravel in the Tank Mountains contains placer gold. Very coarse placer gold can be recovered using drywashers at the east foot of the mountains, especially in locations below the Puzzles, Golden Harp, Ramey, and Regal Mines.

If you travel about 30 miles northeast of Dove into the old Castle Dome District there are many old hard-rock mines and placers that once produced decent gold values. Southeast of the old Big Eye Mine gold placers can be found in area gravel deposits.

There were very rich placers in all the gulches and some terraces about 2 miles west of Dome. Monitor Gulch was one of the richest of these. Additional placers containing good placer gold values can be found in the drainage canyons around Muggins Peak. In fact, it would be worthwhile to check any bench or gulch gravels within a 8-10 mile radius of Muggins Peak, as the likelihood of getting "color" is quite good.

There is a 60-acre parcel of gold-bearing gravels in the Kofa District 27 miles southeast of Quartzite. Be advised, however, that bedrock in some areas here is buried under as much as 70 feet of overburden!

The "Potholes" Placers exist on both sides of the Colorado River not far from Laguna Dam. Many of the bench gravels and drainages north and west (California side) and north and east (Arizona side) of the dam contain gold. I worked this area with a drywasher many times and can confirm that decent gold values can be recovered in these placers. Additionally, it is said that placer gold can be found in bedrock depressions and tributary gulches all along the Colorado River in this area.
On the La Posa Plain outside of Quartszite are the Plomosa Placers, drywashing territory carrying decent gold values. Other gold placers in the area can be found at La Cholla, Middle Camp, and Oro Fino. Rich placer gold "seams" can be found in some of these placers at bedrock.

Six miles east of the of the Colorado River along the west side of the Dome Mountains extensive placers can be found. In fact, all the area washes, gulches, and arroyos carry varying amounts of placer gold that can be recovered using a drywasher. Especially rich placers were onced worked nearby at Goodman and La Paz Arroyos.

The Trigo Placers are about 20 miles from Quartzite at the west foot of the Dome Rock Mountains. Arroyos and ancient bench gravels in this area contain placer gold in the form of coarse, flat grains. Nearby, additional placers can be worked in low-laying areas near the Kofa Mountains (these placers were once quite rich in terms of gold values recovered).

In Harquahala Gulch southeast of Salome placer gravels were worked extensively in the late 1800s. And again, all drainages in the Tank Mountains should be sampled for placer gold.
I hope these "information-rich" posts on Arizona placer gold districts and locations have proven helpful to you.

(c)  Jim Rocha (J.R.)  2008