Gold in New England: New Hampshire

Yes, there's gold in New England and you would-be placer gold miners in New Hampshire may want to take heed.

Gold occurrences in New Hampshire have been known about and, in some instances documented, since the mid-1800s. This includes placer gold, vein or lode gold, and certain gold-bearing gravel conglomerates found in the western portions of the state. The historic Ammonoosuc Gold District includes Lyman, Monroe, Bath and parts of Littleton, Landaff, and Lisbon.

Where to Look for Placer Gold in New Hampshire:

1) Streams draining into the Connecticut River, especially the Woodsville area near the confluence of the Ammonoosuc River north to the Connecticut Lakes
2) The Baker River
3) Tunnel Brook near the town of Benton
4) Notch Brook near Lincoln
5) Salmon Hole Brook near Lisbon
6) The Wild Ammonoosuc river
7) The Ammonoosuc River below the community of Bath
8) In northern Coos County: Perry Stream, Dead Diamond River, and the Swift Diamond River

Areas of the White Mountains and within the Pawtuckaway Mountains are also favorable for gold prospecting.

Placer gold in New Hampshire has its origins in both lode veins and in glacial deposits. Typically, New Hampshire placer gold comes in the form of small detrital pieces ranging from fine grains up to pea-sized nuggets.

Recreational panners are not regulated by the state of New Hampshire, but you will need to get landowners' permission to work streams running through private property. Small-scale, non-motorized placer mining equipment such as rocker boxes and sluice boxes can be used anytime but dredges (and perhaps highbankers?) are regulated by the state and require a permit from the New Hampshire Wetlands Bureau. Also note here that only gold panning is allowed within the confines of the White Mountain National Forest.

So there you are. "Gold is where you find it" and it can be found in New England, in the beautiful State of New Hampshire. If you're a New Hampshire placer miner, drop me a line and tell me about your finds there. Until then, be safe and stay happy.

(c)  Jim Rocha (J.R.)  2008


  1. This last weekend was my second attempt with my sluice in NH but didn't catch anything in the trap this time.Last time, first time using it, got an almost picker and I still haven't gone thru the concentrates.Best left for winter.Just took a look at your site and will visit again.Like what I see.

  2. Thanks for commenting and the good words about the site. I wish you the best...get that New Hampshire gold and lots of it! Keep coming back. J.R.

  3. There has been tons of rain and heavy bank washout in the Bath area, lots of new exposure sure to be interesting few months. I hope I get a shot at some of it.

  4. Thanks for the comment and the info. New Hampshire miners please take note. I hope you all get some good gold! J.R.


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